Bonfire Peaks

draknek & friends

set your belongings on fire on a beautiful voxel art puzzle island.

9 Edge 9.5 PSU 8 Vandal
9 Finger Guns 8.1 Video Chums 9 Retroware

"a deeply thoughtful, eminently accessible and
cleverly crafted bite-sized puzzler"
PSU, 9.5/10

"bonfire peaks is a gorgeous experience"
Finger Guns, 9/10

"it’s a mostly sublime experience that is somehow
equally demanding and relaxing"
Retroware, 9/10

bonfire peaks is a game by corey martin, designer of pipe push paradise, and alan hazelden, designer of a monster's expedition, with art by mari khaleghi and zach soares.

climb mysterious ruins

let go of the past

burn your belongings


Lost Memories
dlc out now


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